When Sen. Jeff Flake waffled on his commitment to support the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and asked instead for a one-week FBI investigation, he intimated assurances from his Democratic colleagues that this would satisfy their demand for a more thorough review into the teenaged assault claims leveled by Christine Blasey Ford. 

Fat chance.

Far from a cooling off period, the one-week delay has, as predicted, intensified the campaign to derail Kavanaugh.

Almost immediately Democrats climbed on the stump to complain the one-week time limit -- something they agreed to with Flake -- is too restrictive. They also are tossing around unsubstantiated allegations the White House is controlling the parameters of the investigation, something President Donald Trump denies.

Flake got punked. The retiring Arizona Republican got rattled by a pair of sexual assault survivors who pinned him in an elevator and screamed at him. As it turns out, the women are on the payroll of a progressive activist group funded by billionaire George Soros, who is spending millions to keep a Trump nominee off the court. Nothing is as its seems in this despicable escapade.

Over the weekend, Chad Ludington, a professor who claims to have been a Kavanaugh friend when both were Yale students, says the judge mischaracterized his teenage drinking, claiming he often saw the nominee stumbling drunk and belligerent in college. That's a fine memory of someone else's 36-year-old partying habits. It also conflicts with the references from dozens of other Kavanaugh associates from the period, who say they never saw him act inappropriately. 

Democrats are obsessed with how much Kavanaugh drank as a kid -- he was  even asked if he drank on weeknights. His admission that he drank sometimes -- but not to the point of passing out -- seems preposterous to Democrats looking for anything to give credence to support Ford's account that Kavanaugh assaulted her while intoxicated.

I wonder which of the senators on that committee can raise their hands and swear they never were inebriated in high school or college? Does that make them potential predators?

Come Friday, the FBI will have done what it was asked -- interview the few people who could possibly know what happened between Ford and Kavanaugh as teenagers three-and-a-half decades ago. All are already on record as saying they know nothing.

When the bureau is done, it is not likely to shed any additional light on who's telling the truth.

Democrats know that. They don't want the truth. They want now what they wanted from the beginning -- to keep Kavanaugh or any other Trump appointee off the court. 

Ford is deemed a credible witness because she told her story well. But she brought to the Senate nothing to corroborate her accusation. Kavanaugh is considered less credible because he was a rich boy who drank. Never mind that in all of his adult years there's not been a whiff of improper behavior. 

Unless the FBI can come up with evidence the adult Kavanaugh is something other than the honorable, honest man he appears, his confirmation and his reputation should not be destroyed by impossible to prove allegations against the teenaged Kavanaugh.

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