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Finley: Left wants no border solution

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

By now it should be obvious that the left has no interest in solving the humanitarian crisis by any means other than throwing our border doors wide open.

The latest evidence comes from the threats of boycotts levied against the nation’s major hotel chains for housing detained asylum seekers at the government’s request.

Border and immigration officials have been using hotels to temporarily house the detainees while they await processing. It is explained by the agencies as a more humane way to keep families together and out of the packed detention centers on the border.

Migrants seeking asylum in the United States line up for a meal provided by volunteers near the international bridge in Matamoros, Mexico.

Yet the very people who shout about children being ripped from the arms of their parents in the camps object to this solution as well.

Likewise, they bullied the online retailer Overstock into stopping its sale of mattresses to the detention centers. Better to have the migrants sleep on the hard floor than to allow private companies to participate in any way in their confinement.

Two weeks ago, a number of Democratic House members, including many who have been vilifying the Trump administration for the conditions in the border centers, voted against a $4.5 billion relief package aimed at bettering the situation for the migrants.

In Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer blocked a federal plan to convert a prison in Ionia to a privately run immigration detention facility that would have moved short-term detainees off the border and into more comfortable quarters.

It’s a pattern that confirms the left would rather have the crisis as a political tool than any solution that eases the suffering of detainees.

Congressional Democrats would prefer to haul immigration officials before their committees to berate them for the treatment of detainees than to do their own job of passing sound immigration reforms and providing resources for the border agencies to handle the overwhelming number of asylum seekers.

The goal is to erase the southern border and get rid of ICE and Customs and Border Patrol and give anyone who asks a free pass into the country. It’s all spelled out on the protest signs at the border.

The Trump administration last week put new rules in place aimed at processing asylum seekers in their own countries. Democrats are howling about the injustice and the ACLU filed a lawsuit.

But it’s the only solution that’s been offered to make the asylum seeking process less chaotic.

An orderly process, however, does not serve the left’s political ambitions.

So Democrats will keep blaming the administration for not providing soap and showers to detainees, while denying border agencies the money to go shopping. And open border advocates will seek to deny migrant families warm beds in hotel rooms because crowded cages make better photographs. 

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