Paul W. Smith: Super Bowl must live up to super hype

Paul W. Smith

“Outta’ My Mind on a Saturday Moanin’”

‘I’m here so I won’t get fined.”

Which then became, “You know why I’m here.”

I’m not using the player’s name here because:

A. The player says he doesn’t want the attention.

B. Because I don’t want to give the player the attention he so craved and got from (most) of the media.

He apparently is not too shy to do commercials he is well paid for, just the interview spot every day that every player has to do, and, oh, by the way, are also paid to do.

Just not as much (apparently) as for the commercials.

■Speaking of attention, a certain company got far more attention from its latest “shock value” commercial by switching from the longtime use of “scantily clad” women to a fully unclothed star. That’s right, a little adorable lost puppy.

Still unclear if “NoDaddy” (name changed to avoid furthering its cause) knew the Internet/social media crowd would explode with negative reaction, giving credence to the old advertising adage, “I don’t care what they say about me, just as long as they get our name right.” Or if they really are just as out of touch with a certain segment of the population as their earlier (also much talked about) commercials would lead you to believe.

■By the way, the Budweiser “Best Buds” commercial is just so much better in every way than the, er, ah, “NoDaddy” one.

■I’m not going to find Tom Brady guilty of the high crimes of being at the top of his game, rich and good looking, with the added baggage of being married to a woman who is also very successful, rich and good looking.

Those used to be things Americans strived for, and were admired for, not things to be held in contempt for. These days some seem to truly try to deflate (pun intended) the earned success of others — in this case, long before anyone is found guilty of anything.

Before all of this, I really didn’t care who won this Super Bowl.

Now I absolutely hope it’s Tom Brady and his Patriots.

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