Paul W. Smith: Little League punished for adults' sins

Paul W. Smith

"Outta' My Mind on a Saturday Moanin' "

Happy Valentine's Day!

Apparently my suggestion last week for an age old standby Valentine's Day gift that "worked like a charm" when I was in grade school went over "like a lead balloon" (two old adages one rarely hears anymore), meaning it was not — how should I put it? — well-accepted.

So put the macaroni, Elmer's glue, paper plate and red paint away.

Today is a day that calls for — no, screams for — chocolate and flowers, preferably roses.

We consume more chocolate than any other country, and more than 250 million roses were grown specifically for today.

It is, or can be, a truly memorable and romantic day, with nearly half of all of the marriage proposals that will happen this year happening today.

It's early; if you have procrastinated (almost one-third of Valentine's shoppers have), get to your local florist and/or candy shop, and you can't go wrong.

■ Just back from the 107th Chicago Auto Show.

In the words of one of the many press releases, "While the Detroit Auto Show (they just can't bring themselves to call us what we truly are, the North American International Auto Show in Detroit) is a newsmaking event that attracts CEOs of every major automaker and journalists from all over the world, the Chicago show is focused on the buying public."

■ By the way, the front page of the venerable Chicago Tribune had no mention of the first press day or opening of the auto show.

Almost all of the front page was about the Little League championship run amok, the headline: "SAY IT AIN'T SO: Residency violations rob Little Leaguers and Chicago of a shining summer moment."

Fully nine stories or teases for columns inside, on the front page, regarding Little League International stripping the Jackie Robinson West team of its championship this past summer for fielding players who lived outside the team's residential boundaries and then trying to cover up the deception.

Sadly, once again, children being punished because of bad adult behavior.


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