Paul W: Why not Toya Graham for the $10?

Paul W. Smith

"Outta' My Mind on a Saturday Moanin' "

Seriously? This is the last Saturday in June 2015? Are you kidding me?

Time to slow down.

Stop and smell the pollen.

Before you know it, you'll be sneezing for totally different reasons.

■Ever since Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew stirred things up by saying he wanted a woman to be the face of the next currency denomination scheduled for redesign, the $10 bill, not too many people have come to the defense of the current place holder, America's first treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton.

There have been a number of accomplished women who are being championed by well-meaning supporters for this soon to be open position.

Might I add one more name to the list? Toya Graham.


Toya Graham!

How soon we forget.

That's the Baltimore mom who saw her son on TV throwing rocks at the police, causing her to run from her house, smack dab into the riotous mix of troublemakers to grab her wayward child, slap some sense into him and drag him home.

For a moment, at least, she was referred to nationwide as a contender for Mom of the Year.

How soon we forget.

■"One man's art, is another man's graffiti."

Well-known California artist Shepard Fairey was brought into town to create a mural on the former Compuware building. I presume he was well paid to do it.

Before departing, he apparently decided to "gift" several other buildings with some of his creative work.

No charge!

No thanks!

An arrest warrant has been issued, seeking to charge him with malicious destruction of property.

■I'm so glad the entire nation is enmeshed in the Confederate flag debate.

I was worried we were going to continue wasting time on immigration, health care, rising prescription drug prices and abuse, our failing education system, and a number of other apparently less important issues.

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