Smith: Auto show, technology link Frankfurt, Detroit

Paul W. Smith

“Outta’ My Mind on a Saturday Moanin’ ”

On our way home from a fruitful two days of broadcasting live from the ZF stand at the 66th Frankfurt International Motor Show.

I’ve just finished watching the entertaining and informative safety video that used to be the most ignored presentation on board until Delta realized a little creativity could go a long way. Kudos to Delta CEO Richard Anderson and his team, including Andrea Fischer Newman and Nick DeMarco. This is my first opportunity to say “job well done!”

I guarantee more people are paying attention to those safety instructions than ever before.

■People were definitely paying attention to the great new small cars and the collection of large, luxury SUVs from makers we never thought would be in that segment, like Jaguar and Bentley.

We knew the luxury/premium class was back, but a bit surprising how big and back it is worldwide, including in areas where merely owning a bike was a big deal just a few years ago!

In all the years I’ve been traveling the world covering these shows, this was the year when I most enjoyed employing today’s technology to keep me plugged in back home, being able to use Slingbox to watch Michigan’s home opening victory; Michigan State’s night time hard-earned win and even the second Republican debate, live from California, thousands of miles away in Germany. Even though it meant burning the midnight oil, or, actually, the 3 a.m. oil, it was well worth it to feel (still) connected to back home.

■The awarding of the Automotive News Europe EUROSTARS, with K.C. Crain and Jason Stein from Crain Communications, and Rick Hanna of PWC handing out the awards at the stunning Schlosshotel Kronberg, brought my wife Kim and I back to the historic place where I asked her to marry me four years ago.

I am happy to say, she said yes again.

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