Smith: Don’t forget Snyder’s good work

Paul W. Smith

Isn’t it time for people to stand up and say, “Hey, that’s our governor, you news personalities, celebrities and politicians are trashing and blaming for a problem that started long before he became governor”? Flint’s poverty, lead-based paint issues, water and financial problems began years ago.

We have thousands of children across the state with lead problems; in fact, at levels higher than those in Flint. In a recent conversation with one of the true heroes of the Flint story, “Dr. Mona” allowed residents from Flint quite possibly suffered the effects of lead poisoning long before they were exposed to Flint River water.

Yes, the water was not treated properly by the Flint water department; then, state and federal employees failed to do their jobs. It could have been ignorance, incompetence or worse.

If the new “experts” weighing in would be honest with their indignation, they’d start with those folks who, upon realizing the impact of their horrific mistakes, apparently covered up. The governor did make a mistake by not acting faster and firing all of them immediately.

Where are the people saved by this self-proclaimed “Nerd.” Where are those who know he’s a good person? Why aren’t they speaking up? Where would we be if this “monster” hadn’t tackled the impossible task of giving Detroit a chance? What if he hadn’t hired Kevyn Orr?

How about the positive things he’s done for the state he so clearly loves? I look at “The Reinvention of Michigan” accomplishments and am reminded, as I hope you will be, he’s done a lot of good for a lot of Michiganians.

Whether or not you voted for him, or agree with him, you know Rick Snyder is not the evil monster some make him out to be. It’s time someone said it.

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