Paul W. Smith: You get what you pay for

Paul W. Smith

This is a story about a product that’s been in heavy usage without much innovation for about 60 years, but working just fine — or so I thought.

Now, four years, 100 patents and 600 prototypes later, we have a new product you’ve been able to buy at your favorite CVS or big box store for about $19.95, available soon for just about $400.

A hand-held Dyson “Supersonic” hair dryer.

That’s right. The people that brought you a very expensive vacuum cleaner are now bringing you a very, very expensive hair dryer. I wouldn’t even bring this to your attention if billionaire inventor Sir James Dyson wasn’t involved along with 103 other engineers spending $72 million in research and development. Full disclosure: I have not used a “blow dryer” for years. I often wish I had reason to, but I digress.

Seventy-five percent of all women and about 25 percent of all men do blow dry their hair, so there is a good chance you will want to check this out when it gets to America.

“You get what you pay for” comes to mind right now.

Thanks to my wife Kim, I’m reminded of a company she does business with that many years ago, also introduced their own disruptive technology take on an old household standby:

The Rainbow Cleaning System from Rexair is a bagless vacuum cleaner (long before Dyson existed), that incorporates water into the cleaning system, hence “Wet Dust Can’t Fly.”

I’m happy to say they are still going strong and headquartered right here in Troy and manufactured in Cadillac.

Their vacuum actually costs more than the Dyson!

“You do get what you pay for!”

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