The curse in Chicago is over

Paul W. Smith

It took a downpour in Cleveland to end the drought in Chicago!

The curse of the Billy Goat is over and the 108 stitches on the baseball apparently did foretell the end of the Cubs’ 108-year losing streak.

The clock is now officially reset.

Congratulations Chicago and Cleveland for giving us a fabulous World Series free of any off-the-field drama or political protests.

It was baseball, the way it is supposed to be.

■All of a sudden, Michigan really does matter more than ever to the presidential candidates and surrogates as we approach the finish line this Tuesday.

If you have already voted on your absentee ballot, congratulations! If you have had regrets or second thoughts regarding your early vote, you can change your absentee vote. Contact the Secretary of State’s office right away for details and deadlines.

■Beside the obvious importance of “exercising your franchise” (if you need a reminder watch “Saving Private Ryan” again or Mel Gibson’s new film, “Hacksaw Ridge,” to see the sacrifice many have made so we can have the freedoms we have, and the opportunity to be heard through our vote), you should know of one company’s reward to you for doing the right thing.

Mike and Denise Busley, founders of the Grand Traverse Pie Company, are offering their Liberty Pie, red and blue (cherries and blueberries deliciously blended together) under a stars and stripes crumbly crust for sale through this election day Tuesday.

And on Tuesday, a slice of this delicious pie is yours free just for showing your “I Voted” sticker.

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