Recount is a red herring

Paul W. Smith

It’s on! It’s off!

It’s started! It’s stopped!

It’s started again! It’s stopped again!

As I write this, our newspaper’s headline is “Judge’s order effectively suspends Michigan’s recount.”

Another newspaper shouts “Recount halted.”

As it turns out, that’s what there has been a lot of since Nov. 8, 2016.


I thought it was bad the year and half — it seemed longer — leading up to the election.

I was not prepared (foolish me) for the very people who raised hell when President-elect Donald Trump said he wasn’t sure he would accept the election results (if/when) he lost, are the very people forgetting the hell they raised, as they raise (even more) hell because their person lost (fair and square).

I’m astonished since many of them, regardless of apparently faulty memories or ideologically induced amnesia, could see their own columns, news stories, videos and reports reminding themselves how important it was to the health of our great nation that the loser (apparently as long as it was Trump) should accept the will of the people and the constitutionally mandated electoral college results, buck up, smile and go home.

So now that we know they feel the rules are for everyone else and the hypocrisy is so evident to even those who squeeze their eyes shut as hard as they can can’t possibly deny it, we are dragged into the fray with our money being eaten up by the minute in a last ditch effort to get their way, regardless of the “unacceptable” (and constitutional) results.

With our costs said to be $5,000,000 or more for “Jillary Stein Clinton’s” red herring, at least as I write this, the snipe hunt is over.

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