Paul W. Smith: Trump is not wasting any time

Paul W. Smith

“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’”

Recent Weekly Standard headline: “Hurricane Trump is shaping up to be a Category Five — upending politics as we know it.”

Of course that’s exactly what the president’s supporters were looking for. A real change in Washington.

The way he includes us in on all of the documents he’s been signing is rather illuminating and even refreshing. I don’t remember another POTUS of either party taking time to explain to us what he is signing and why.

Do you remember a time when so much has been done so quickly?

■Has anyone else noted that every television news story about the new wall (as promised by President Trump) includes pictures of walls. Walls that apparently have been in place.

So wouldn’t it be accurate to say the president wants to actually COMPLETE the wall, so it accomplishes what these individual walls were built to do, but cannot, because they are incomplete. Does anyone remember there was a Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama voting to approve the building of the wall?

■Maybe we need yet another march.

I’m not making this up. An old story with a new ending regarding a woman being sent home from work because she wasn’t wearing high heels to her job as a receptionist in the financial center of London. The two-year investigation found hundreds of complaints where women at other companies were told they had to “dye their hair blonde,” “wear revealing outfits” and “constantly reapply makeup.” In 2011, a former British minister for women and equality said “traditional gender-based workplace dress codes” had not held her back, and promoted “a sense of professionalism” in the workplace.

That woman?

Theresa May, now prime minister of the United Kingdom.

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