Smith: Rules for Michigan residents

Paul W. Smith

“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’”

Making the rounds on the internet: “Unwritten Rules Every Michiganian Lives By,” including :

1. It’s called “Pop.” Period. Not Soda.

2. Great Lakes should always be chosen over oceans. Salt free, refreshing, and oh ya, shark free.

3. When a Pure Michigan ad comes on, stop talking and listen.

4. If someone asks where you’re from, always show them, on your hand.

5. When you are feeling sick, reach for the Vernors first.

6. Regardless of whether it’s necessary, add an “s” to the end of store names.

7. Never depend on the accuracy of a Michigan weather forecast.

Thank you Sophie Boudreau for posting.

■Thanks to Deloitte managing partner Mark Davidoff for introducing me to Fr. Eamon Kelly, L.C. The former Brother Rice priest from Ireland now finds himself spearheading a most unusual and important project. After Fr. Kelly was on my show, I went to a welcome and introduction reception that included a welcome by our fine Gov. Rick Snyder.

After the presentation I believe this so-called “Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History” is indeed a project with a mission. As the brochure explains, “… Magdala was once an active city filled with fishermen, shopkeepers and townspeople. Today Magdala, in Galilee, has come to life again. Here Jesus taught the multitudes and healed the afflicted, including a woman who made her hometown famous, Mary Magdalene.” As they broke ground for their project, they discovered the oldest synagogue excavated in Galilee, a place where Jesus surely taught.

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