“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’”

Tokyo, Japan

Just finished our WJR broadcast from the 45th edition of the Tokyo Motor Show, and it was a bit lonely to be here without seeing anyone from our Domestic Three. Thankfully, our sponsor, Aisin Group, has product on many cars from around the world. Chances are the car you drove to work today is equipped with a system supplied by Aisin Group. We are reminded that we make it possible for manufacturers from around the world to sell their product in the U.S.A., while places like Japan make it nearly impossible for us to do the same.

Washington is trying to level the playing field.

If you think CNN is biased, you’d be amazed that it’s even more so outside of our country and is a true international embarrassment as they spend so much time trying to find ways to undermine our president, and therefore, our country. I’m not kidding when I tell you it’s one bad Trump story after another. A noted psychiatrist once told me, “If you can’t find one good thing to say about someone, it’s probably you who has the problem, not the other person.”

Maybe they need some mirrors at CNN.

And finally, a great send off for an industry and world-changing aircraft, the Boeing 747-400.

As we flew “The Official Airline of the Paul W. Smith Show,” Delta (our hometown airline), I interviewed the perfect expert of the soon-to-be-retired and storied aircraft.

Delta Capt. John Hirsch grew up with the 747. Literally.

His dad piloted the first one, and now Capt. Hirsch piloted the last.

Delta’s new flagship Airbus A-350 is on its way.

Let’s get ready for take-off.

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