“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’”

On the front page of the sports section of this newspaper last week under the headline, “MSU crisis just beginning,” Bob Wojnowski did a fine job pointing out there is a long way to go in correcting all the mistakes that led to Larry Nassar getting away with his evil and monstrous attacks on so many. He had to write his column before he knew the inevitable had happened, that the embattled now-former president of Michigan State University, Lou Anna Simon, had indeed resigned the night before.

For a while, I believed the nearly 40 years of excellent service to her beloved “Team MSU” might carry her through this horrific story. As I listened to the courageous girls and women tell their gut-wrenching and life-changing horror stories, it became painfully obvious that far too many mistakes had been made by far too many people for far too long for the person at the top, (where the buck stops), to survive.

The incredible final testimony by the first woman we know about who stepped up to seek justice years ago, Rachael Denhollander, eviscerated seemingly everyone involved with USA Gymnastics and MSU that had to know what was going on (or should have).

Finally, after reading former colleague, now former MSU professor Sue Carter’s letter of resignation as the faculty’s athletic representative to the NCAA since 2014, I was convinced that profound change was necessary in order for this fine university to begin to fix the many problems that led to this moment, and for true healing to take place, just as the speaking out and the face-to-face confrontation with the evil inmate is hopefully the first step for the survivors’ long road to healing.

As best they can.

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