Smith: Another senseless slaughter

Paul W. Smith

“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’”

Columbine, Sandy Hook and countless other schools where innocent children and adults were mercilessly slaughtered did not move us to find a way to fix the problem. What makes us think the tragedy along the Everglades will now change things?

When I heard the news outlets say this is the worst high school shooting in history, I said, “What about Sandy Hook? Twenty-six people were killed!” I was told, “No, no, no, that’s an elementary school, this is a high school!” Really.

Have we come up with the number of times sick people have grabbed a specific rifle to carry out their dirty deed? In this case, as in so many before it, the shooter used an AR-15 (the “Pit Bull” of rifles; remember the argument, it’s not the dog breed, it’s the human abuse of that dog. If so, then where’s the same argument about a specific rifle?)

These horrific moments in our history become lost in the political battle over our rights, in this case to bear arms.

It comes down to what rights we have in a free society, and our belief that all Americans (heck, these days you don’t even have to be an American to get the freedom and rights our heroes fought and died for) have the same freedoms and rights.

Simply, if you are known to be mentally ill, or if you make known your desire to hurt or kill others, we shouldn’t have to wait to see if you really mean it.

You’re done. Your “right to bear arms” no longer exists.

Seemingly everyone, including the FBI, knew about this guy and his sick desires.

Yet no one felt they could do anything to stop him.


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