“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’”

Just checking. It is April 9, right? So it’s not just me. (You too?)

That does it! Now I’m really not going. There will be no selfies allowed on the red carpet during this years Cannes Film Festival. Violators won’t be let in. The head of the festival has aesthetic concerns:

“It’s not beautiful. It’s grotesque. It’s ridiculous. We want to restore a bit of decency.”

Wait. He is talking about the red carpet circus, right?

Thanks, but no thanks. I think I’ll pass.

The New York Post reports a collection of Frank Sinatra’s personal “relics,” including a prescription pill bottle for Vicodin and clumps of his hair (from a hair cut, thank goodness) are up for auction.

Heritage Auctions’ director of entertainment memorabilia says it’s not unusual for people to collect celebrity prescription bottles. Who knew?

President Donald Trump is sending the National Guard to states that border Mexico to combat illegal immigration. Just like the last several presidents before him did.

I thought my mother in Monroe, Sweet Marie, was unusual when she signed up for elective surgery to get her hip replaced at the age of 92! Now I read Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Phillip, is in satisfactory condition (as of Thursday) after his successful hip-replacement surgery at 96. I hope he is still doing well.

I’ve often said that new technology can be a pain in the neck, but now this: Analytics firm Flurry tells us the more than five hours a day we spend hunched over our computers and smart devices may lead to “email eye,” “tech neck,” “texting thumb” and “cellphone elbow.” Google ’em. Ouch.

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