“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’ ”

Like many in the world, I was totally captivated by the entire story of the soccer team and their coach lost in the cave in Thailand. From the time they were lost, till the time they were found by a couple of British divers and then through the whole miraculous against-all-odds rescue of all 12 schoolboys and their young coach, nobody really knew how it was going to turn out.

When 38-year-old former Thai Navy Seal Saman Kunan died after delivering air tanks for the rescue effort, then running out of air himself, the gravity, enormity and seemingly impossible odds of a successful rescue hit all who were following this story that already has predictably spawned several movie and book proposals.

Maybe like you, I watched, listened to and read virtually every report during the 18 days of collective anxiety till the collective world wide sigh of relief.

A Post-Tribune columnist named Jerry Davich wrote a fine column this week under the headline, "Thai soccer team ordeal rescued us from our doubts of the human spirit."

Davich concluded his column with mention of the millions of prayers many of us offered possibly being significant in the over all successful effort to save these boys. He pointed out the Thai seals posted on their Facebook page, “We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science or what.”

Davich goes on to say, “Too many of us are trapped in a cave of some kind, with rising floodwaters of uncertainty in our world, drowning in animosity toward each other. At this moment in time, we have been rescued yet again from our fears and doubts about the human spirit.”


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