Milk only comes from cows?

Paul W. Smith

“Outta” My Mind on a Monday Moanin’ ”

How was breakfast this morning ?

Soy and almond drinks don’t come from cows, so regulators may soon ask them to stop calling themselves “milk.”

Skipped it?  Not a good idea.

Either way, it is about to get a bit more confusing. If you have been enjoying your cereal and or coffee with a liquid that is NOT “a fluid secreted by the mammary glands of females for the nourishment of their young; milk from an animal and especially a cow used as food by people,” brace yourself.

The Food and Drug Administration may be about to enforce the federal standard that defines “milk” as coming from the “milking of one or more healthy cows.”

The dairy industry is turning to fitness trackers to monitor cows’ health.The trackers are similar in appearance to Fitbits people use, although the cows wear them around their necks.

And just as you got used to using what you (and many others) feel is healthier for you, or just preferred in your coffee or cereal, the FDA is responding to the protests of the masses and standing up for real milk, the kind from cows, not the imposters made from soy beans, coconuts, rice , almonds, etc. that dare to call themselves milk as well.

Although the milk definition I quoted above also included, “a food product produced from seeds or fruits that resembles and is used similarly to cow’s milk”.

I bet they felt very proud of themselves when they added that last definition.

I salute them for being on top of their game !

I now fear for them the expense and headache of a reprint.

It will take much longer for other “milk” producers, such as goats, camels, etc. to fall in line and follow the soon to be enforced FDA rules and regulations.