Smith: Hooray for Halloween candy

Paul W. Smith

“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’ ”

Happy Halloween!

It is a big week of spending. According to Wallet-Hub, we will shell out $9 billion making our kids, your kids, and ourselves happy; $3.2 billion spent on Halloween costumes (for kids and adults), and $2.6 billion spent on candy.

Speaking of candy, what’s your favorite Halloween goody to find at the bottom of your pillow case or bag at the end of the night ?

A website called, purveyors of bulk candy to stores, tells us about 179 million Americans are getting ready to celebrate with the Top 10 Halloween candies:

1. Skittles

2. M&M’s

3. Snickers

4. Reese’s Cups

5. Starburst

6. Candy corn

7. Hot Tamales

8. Hershey’s Chocolate Bars

9. Tootsie Pops

10. Jolly Rancher

Smith writes: "When I was growing up in Monroe, Michigan, we had one well known house that offered a full sized candy bar to every trick-or-treater."

Don’t see your favorite ?

Wondering where salt water taffy is?

I can’t believe candy corn is that high, or that low or on the list at all. (#1 in Michigan!)

Where the heck are the York Mints?

When I was growing up in Monroe, we had one well known and well visited house that offered a full-sized candy bar to each and every trick-or-treater.

To this day, I think about that and smile every time I pass that house. I’m not kidding. Ask my family; I annoy them with the story every time we drive by the house.

Keep yourself and the kid’s safe this week.

Don’t eat the treats until checked out back home.

Make sure everybody can see and be seen in costumes. Flashlights and reflective tape is helpful.

Best to walk in groups if you can, and only visit well-lit homes.

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