“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’”

As the Los Angeles Times reported, Ventura County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Helus was on the phone with his wife when reports of a shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill came in.

“I gotta go handle a call…I love you. I’ll talk to you later,” he said. 

Soon, 54-year-old Sgt. Helus would be one of the first two officers to reach the country music bar. After exchanging fire with the gunman, who turned out to be a troubled 28-year-old who had served in the Marines, Helus would be fatally wounded.

What began as just another day with a police officer just doing his job, ended with it being his last day on Earth.

After the mayhem that was underway and all of the other victims of yet another mass shooting, I felt compelled to mention Helus because he represents every law enforcement officer, firefighter and first responder in our lives that I fear we take for granted until a time like this.

And then, shortly after, we forget about their ultimate sacrifice as they run toward the trouble we are running away from.

Thank God for organizations like The 100 Club, which started in Detroit by the current president, William Packer’s family. In a word, we members “got your back.” If God forbid one of these heroes doesn’t return home, the local 100 Club takes care of the family left behind.

More people doing more good:

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