“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’”

With all George Herbert Walker Bush  achieved in life, one of his greatest accomplishments has happened after his death. He brought a fractured nation together, at least for a while. Last week, what America does best was on full display.

We came together.

We put our differences aside and paid tribute to a man who earned our respect in so many ways, culminating with becoming the 41st president of the United States. Even institutional media types who made a career out of attacking and belittling him changed their tune completely and couldn’t say enough good things about him, I guess some how discovering for the first time, in death, what a kind and considerate gentleman’s gentleman George H.W. Bush really was.

Along with many very special moments throughout the celebration of his life, seared into my minds eye is the incredible effort made by fellow World War II hero Sen. Bob Dole. He was unable to rise out of his wheel chair without being lifted and supported, barely able to stand long enough to raise his arthritic left hand in a most powerful salute to his political rival and friend, before collapsing back in his chair, completely spent from that amazingly significant act of respect.

I’ll never forget it.

My colleague at WJR, Jack Krasula, has asked many notables their “philosophies of life.” The answers given to Jack from President George H.W. Bush are words for us all to live by :

“Be kind to people."

"Help the other guy."

"Be a good loser when defeated, and be generous in victory."

"Don’t brag."

"Share the credit."

"Take a dose of pride in your country everyday. Then at night, thank God for your many blessings.”

Thank you, President Bush.


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