Paul W. Smith: Vaping's a 'lifesaver'? Nope

Paul W. Smith
A state judge has issued an injunction on the governor's ban on e-cigarette flavors.

“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’ ”

Upon further review, as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made the first move to outlaw flavored e-cigarette products, scientists and others were finally figuring out what I felt and said from the beginning of the proliferation of all of these products from China: These are flat out bad for you.

Now some medical experts are following our governor's lead and (finally) speaking out against all vaping. For those of you who continue to fight for e-cigs as “lifesavers” to help people (apparently) trade one unhealthy addiction for another, I hope you will find another way to give up this costly habit. And finally, for those believing the lies from the various manufacturers who continue to say they merely want to help people to “kick the habit,” is the bubble gum flavor being sold to help people kick their bubble gum cigarette habit?

*Riding on a wave of love, talent and a “never say die” director, our Detroit Youth Choir faces their final challenge Tuesday and Wednesday on the conclusion of this year's "America’s Got Talent."

All of the hard work, family sacrifice, massive support and thrills come to a head in these finals, but as you’ve heard time and time again, these kids have already won big.

The city of Detroit has won.

All youth choirs have won.

And the Detroit Youth Choir, their families and their leader, director Anthony White, will never be the same.

*The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has turned down Ohio State University’s request to trademark “The.”

Yes, just “The.” (As in “The” Ohio State University)

The (I guess its still OK for all of us to continue to use “the”) seemingly insignificant quest by the university caught most of us by surprise.  

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