Paul W. Smith: Our kids do have leaders

Paul W. Smith
Detroit Youth Choir.

“Outta’ my mind on a Monday moanin’”

Congratulations again to Detroit Youth Choir inspirational leader Anthony White, all the hardworking talented kids and their encouraging, sacrificing parents.

What a tremendous job they have done to reach the pinnacle and finish just one off the top spot of "AGT"! And certainly the top spot in the United States (and the world) for youth choirs.

Think of all the kids who now know it really is cool to join a choir!

Judge Simon Cowell said something astute and emotional when he said, “Every kid should have a Mr. White in their lives.”

I agree, Simon.

And as I reflected on that fine declaration, I realized our kids DO have a “Mr. White” in their lives, and if their lucky, maybe many of them.

They just don’t get to do it on a stage in front of millions of people.

I’m talking about all the good teachers, some working under tough conditions, many having to supplement their classroom supplies out of their own pocket; coaches and many who volunteer to help kids hone physical skills; band directors, often scrambling to find instruments so kids can be in the band and learn a skill that will be with them forever; parents involved with their children in school, some as classroom, lunchroom and playground volunteers, as well as “homework tutors/checkers” back home after a long day at work.

We usually only hear about the bad teachers, the uninvolved parents and the very few “monster” coaches that prey on our kids. They are the ones who make the front page and are featured in the relentless negative news.

Anthony White and the entire Detroit Youth Choir community showed us the other side that we don’t see enough.

But it is there.

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