Paul W. Smith: Death to mosquitoes

Paul W. Smith
Mosquitoes are bad news for Michigan, Smith writes.

“Outta’ my mind on a Monday moanin’”

Goodbye September, we knew thee well.

May October bring us the “better days ahead.”

A fond memory of growing up in Monroe. Those were the days when the city rolled out the “Mosquito Jeep,” a customized Jeep set up with a big tank of what I assume now was DDT and an atomizer/sprayer with the sole purpose of taking a big bite out of the mosquito population. It really seemed to work.

The fact that my friends and I used to love running and playing in the “killer fog” was just a bonus.

After a while, someone wiser than us decided DDT was doing much more than just killing the mosquitoes, and we lost our incredibly fun fogging machine. We also began at that same moment, to lose our still on-going battle with one of the most annoying creatures ever.

It wasn’t bad enough to be bothered by these blood-sucking, biting bugs, but they continue to threaten us with illness, from malaria to West Nile virus to the now deadly Eastern equine encephalitis, or triple E.

It’s time to rejoin the battle with a concentrated, government-supported plan of mosquito annihilation.

We have to get them, before they get us!

This past Thursday, the television show and movie machine “The Brady Bunch” celebrated its 50th anniversary.

It’s worth noting that on the same day five years earlier, “Gilligan’s Island” hit the airwaves — a show which led almost immediately to the question, “Mary Ann or Ginger?”

At least, that was the first question that my listeners asked on my radio show.

Next week my column will be international.

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