Well, it's almost time for me to renew my license plates, which leaves me facing a first world dilemma: Should I replace my current personalized plate?

I like personalized plates, and I've had three in the past 10 years.

(My first was for my 1971 Mustang convertible, which I freely admit was a "boy toy" so I could finally cruise up and down Woodward in a cool car ... a mere 40 years after I graduated from high school.)

I grew tired of people asking what year it was so I had the Secretary of State make a personalized plate which read "ITSA 71," which did absolutely nothing to stop people from asking anyway.

During the recent multi-year recession, I wanted to present an upbeat message to my fellow Michiganians so my 2003 Ford Explorer ended up with a plate that read "WELLBOK."

Unfortunately, no one ever read it correctly: instead of seeing WE'LL B OK, they read it as WELL BOK. Everyone kept asking "what the heck does WELL BOK" mean?

So I changed it to the current "NOWRRYS" — in honor of an Aussie friend of mine — and it has drawn a lot of smiles over the past several years.

But I'm noodling on changing it again, and I've come up with a number of ideas based on various categories such as occupation, personal preferences, military background, favorite foods, humor, driving habits and TV shows.

Here's the list so far.

Military: "AVET RU."

Security level: "DEFCON5."

Occupation: "NEWSMAN."

Food: "LVSTEAK" and "LVBARBQ."

Driving: "216KMLS" (my SUV has 216,000 miles" and "SLODOWN."

TV: "EZPEASY," "WOLOWZD" and "NTNSANE," all three from "The Big Bang Theory."

Comedy: "BOBNRAY."

Thoughtful: "ATONE."

"The Lord of the Rings": "MT DOOM."

According to the SOS "Plate It Your Way" website, all of these personalized plates are available.

But I don't have to renew until March, so "NOWRRYS" about making a decision right this minute.

(313) 222-2023

A brief update on major road projects around Metro Detroit. Go to to see the full list.

I-75: In Madison Heights, the ramp from WB 12 Mile to SB I-75 is closed until late April.

I-75: In Detroit, there is a single lane closure NB and SB from the Lodge Freeway to I-375 until June 12.

I-75: In Detroit, the EB and WB service drives are closed between Woodward and Clifford until Oct. 15.

I-94: In Lapeer, there are intermittent lane closures EB from Griswold to Lapeer roads until Jan 1.

I-94: In Port Huron, the ramp from 30th Street to EB I-94 is closed until Jan. 30.

I-94: In Detroit, the EB ramp to John R/Woodward is closed until Oct. 30.

I-94: In Port Huron, the EB ramp to the EB I-69 business loop is closed until Jan 30.

I-696: There is a single lane closure on the EB and WB service drives from Dequindre to Gratiot until Jan. 30.

M-10 (Lodge Freeway): In Detroit, the SB service drive between McNichols and Meyers is closed until April 3.

Miller: In Dearborn, there is a single lane closure on NB and SB Miller north of M-85 (Fort Street) until April 10.

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