Greenwood: Imports, pickups coveted by crooks

Tom Greenwood
The Detroit News

Do you drive an import or good ol’ made-in-the-USA pickup truck?

You’d better keep an eye on it.

According to a just released report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), imports and pickup trucks were the most popular vehicles stolen in 2014.

Here’s the break down of the top 10 most stolen vehicles in the U.S. last year, from No. 1 to No. 10.

■ Honda Accord, 51,290.

■ Honda Civic, 43,936.

■ Ford pickup (full size), 28,680.

■ Chevrolet pickup (full size), 23,196.

■ Toyota Camry, 14,605.

■ Dodge pickup (full size), 11,075.

■ Dodge Caravan, 10,483.

■ Nissan Altima, 9,109.

■ Acura Integra 6,902.

■ Nissan Maxima 6,586.

The Michigan Automobile Theft Prevention Authority (ATPA) and the NICB suggests four layers of protection to prevent becoming a victim: lock your vehicle and take your keys with you; utilize warning devices such as car alarms; use immobilizing devices like kill switches and smart keys; install a tracking device in your vehicle that can help police track down your vehicle.

Incidentally, ATPA auto theft teams recovered 4,198 stolen vehicles — worth approximately $36 million — in 2014.

Time to throw an “attaboy” to a sharp-eyed employee of the Michigan Secretary of State who recently noticed that something seemed a little wonky about forms submitted by a Genesee County auto dealer.

The dealer had purchased a number of vehicles from Canada that our cousins to the north had declared as unfit to drive.

(According to the SOS, auto dealers often buy salvage cars with the idea of repairing them or using the parts to repair other vehicles.

Before they can be returned to the road, the cars must pass a safety inspection by a police officer who also checks to make sure the vehicles aren’t stolen.)

Except this auto dealer decided to skip that time consuming officer part and allegedly forged a police officers name on the forms and then submitted them to the SOS.

The auto dealer, Barry Church of Church and Sons in Burton, has been charged with seven counts of forgery and uttering and publishing, each a 14-year felony.

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