All cruised out

Re: Nolan Finley’s August 14 column, “Cruise is big, but could be bigger”: I lived in Royal Oak, just off of Woodward, for 17 years. I hated Dream Crusie weekend. I’ve had litter, (beer cans, wrappers, etc) thrown in my back and front lawns.

I’ve had sleepless nights due to the noise. I really can’t think of any good thing to say about it. I know it brings in millions for the local ecomony but it does nothing for my ecomony but cause grief.

Richard Fink,

St. Clair Shores

Expand the party

Why restrict it to just one day? Woodward may be the dream street, but back in the day the real muscle was on Telegraph from Taylor to Southfield. Though I heard back then that a few cars drove on Gratiot, too. Why not make it a three-day event? Use Gratiot on Friday night, Woodward on Saturday and Telegraph on Sunday?

Mark Durfee, Detroit

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