Things lost in the flood

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Bad politics

Re: The Detroit News’ August 27 report, “Michigan officials say flooded freeways may become more common”: Keep kicking the can down the road, Lansing. Neither political party wants to even suggest a tax increase to fix the roads, mostly because of the pending election in November. This is one issue which I would hope everyone can see past the partisan politics on. I'd be willing to pay some sort of tax, if any only if there was some guarantee the revenue would go exclusively toward road repairs.

James Willard, Royal Oak

Broken promises

The trust that the funds would be used to fix the roads is a big issue. The track record doesn't inspire confidence. Just ask the schools about all the promised money from the lottery. The legislature sent the lottery money to the schools and then diverted the other funding sources that had been going to the schools to other purposes. The schools in some cases ended up with less money not more.

Reed Swanson, Ypsilanti Twp.

A modest promposal

How about cutting the budget of every other state department by three percent (no matter what it is), and using that difference for roads? Why is that so impossible?

Tony Vandeliner, Chesterfield Twp.

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