China carries out the second largest number of organ transplants per year in the world, and the waiting time for a vital organ there is only 1 to 4 weeks, compared to a few years here in America. But China doesn’t even have an effective voluntary organ donation system.

Then how did they achieve that?

In March 2006, according to the Epoch Times, a surgeon’s ex-wife fled China to reveal that Chinese authorities in a concentration camp in Sujiatun, Liaoning province, murdered Falun Gong practitioners for their organs.

She and her ex-husband had both worked at the Sujiatun hospital between 1999 and 2004. She noticed that her husband often became absent-minded. He began having nightmares and became unable to drive.

“My husband simply said he wanted to find another job. I was very surprised,” she remembers. “I knew that my family had easy money, but didn’t know the source. Later on, my husband told me that “during the two years of working at Sujiatun hospital, he did several cornea removal operations from Falun Gong practitioners per day.”

“You don’t understand my suffering,” she recalls him telling her “those Falun Gong practitioners were alive. It might be easier for me if they were dead, but they were alive.”

He also told her that those detained in the Sujiatun concentration camp were all Falun Gong practitioners. For other prisoners, even ones who were sentenced to death, organ removal could not take place without proper paperwork. But due to the Chinese Communist Party’s policy that the deaths of Falun Gong practitioners “counted as suicide,” the hospital could remove their organs without any formal procedure.”

When her husband did not want to continue the work his supervisor told him: “You are already on this boat. Killing one is murder. Killing several is also murder.”

Hospital staff began privately discussing that the living Falun Gong practitioners had been secretly transferred to the vast underground chambers adjacent to the hospital. They all knew that the rear part of the hospital was forbidden, and it was always watched, she recalls.

She says some staff members questioned the hospital administration as to why such large amounts of food and so many daily supplies were purchased for the hospital’s disproportionately smaller needs. The hospital authorities replied: “You only need to do your job well. There is no need for you to ask any other questions.”

“Three-quarters of these 6,000 people have died, having their hearts, kidneys, retinas, and skins harvested. After the removal, many of them were thrown into the (hospital’s) crematory oven, so that no trace was left.” she says.

While Falun Gong practitioners remain the biggest source of prisoner-of-conscience live organ harvesting, it is important to remember that Tibetans, Christians, and Uighurs are also persecuted in this sickening manner.

Carlen Zhang is a lawyer in Detroit interested in human rights.

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