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Thanks for everything

The Detroit News

“Thank you” are two of the most powerful words in the English language. If you have occasion to express gratitude, then life can’t be all bad.

Thanksgiving in America unofficially began almost 400 years ago when the newly arrived Pilgrims sat down in 1621 with Native American Indians to give thanks for a successful harvest after a rugged first year in the New World.

The feast reportedly lasted three days.

Detroit and Michigan have endured a few rugged years, and have a lot to be thankful for this year. So much so that a three-day feast sounds like a pretty good idea.

For starters, Detroit is emerging from the nation’s largest municipal bankruptcy filing, and doing so in a way that gives it a shot at a much healthier future. Thanks to everyone who made that happen.

Michigan’s economy continues to rebound, with its signature automobile industry expanding and adding jobs.

While unemployment remains high, the rate continues to decline, now standing at 7.2 percent.

And have you noticed the signs at the gasoline stations? The per-gallon price is below $3, giving motorists a little extra spending cash.

After a tough election campaign, Gov. Rick Snyder has another four years to continue Michigan’s rebound.

There’s a new leader coming for Wayne County. Warren Evans takes over in January as county executive, joining Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, Macomb Executive Mark Hackel and Oakland Executive L. Brooks Patterson to form the most competent leadership team this region has had in years.

Michigan is also sending four new members to Congress, as well as one to the Senate, and all have pledged to battle the partisan gridlock that has frozen Washington for the past several years.

As individuals, one of the constants of the holiday has been the giving of thanks for your personal blessings and celebrating with family and friends.

That’s not a bad exercise, and reminds us that when placed on a scale, we have far more to be grateful for than we have to regret.

Whatever your reasons, be thankful for your blessings and enjoy the celebration with family and friends. It doesn’t matter where or when you get together, the important thing is to enjoy the festivities and count your blessings.