Finley: Left has no claim to science high ground

Nolan Finley, The Detroit News

It’s marching season for the left. Nothing soothes liberals more than to tramp along together chanting slogans and carrying witty signs that declare their superiority over the neanderthals who are thwarting their agenda.

This past weekend was perhaps the most sanctimonious of their outings. The March for Science purported to support scientific facts in policymaking, in contrast to what they see as the conservative denial of basic truths.

As always, at the core of their concern is global warming. These smug, supposed science devotees are demanding that the science of climate change be stamped settled, so that we can cut off debate and move on to adopting extreme policies to counter its impact.

That position exposes the reality that it isn’t science at all that is motivating them, but their desired political and social outcomes.

Real science is never settled. It demands ongoing testing and challenging. Honest science doesn’t fear dissent, but rather considers it an essential ingredient in getting to the point of confidence in its theories.

The claim of the weekend warriors to the high ground on science is tenuous at best. They’re with science only when it fits their mission.

Many of them are the same folks who are blocking genetically modified food that could produce tremendous societal benefits, including environmental gains that would reduce greenhouse gases. Yet they are pushing for bans, even though scientists overwhelmingly agree GMOs are safe, and have refuted the protesters’ mythical claims of harm.

And where is the science that supports that gender is a psychological rather than biological function? Chromosomes apparently have no place in the left’s science book.

Likewise, on most political subject of all, what science supports the notion that a fetus is a lump of tissue, rather than a living, human being until the moment it pops into open air?

March away, all you good, self-righteous, Trump-loathing liberals. But your “science” is no less politically tainted than those you are marching against.