Top 10 Detroit News editorials of 2018

The Detroit News
People look at the 2019 Ford Ranger pickup on display at Cobo Center January 20, 2018, during the first public day of the North American International Auto Show.

Throughout the year, The Detroit News Editorial Board has taken a stance on many of the major issues that have cropped up in metro Detroit. Here are the top 10 editorials of 2018 as chosen by our editorial board: 

Auto show reflects evolving industry (January 13)

An excerpt: "Perhaps most important for Detroit and the changing auto industry is talent development. The skills gap has hit auto hard as companies struggle to find engineers with the technological skills to design cars of tomorrow." 

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Time’s up for MSU’s Lou Anna Simon (January 18)

An excerpt: "'Play it straight' is how President Lou Anna Simon says she advised her Michigan State University staff to handle allegations of sexual misconduct against a MSU physician. But Simon has not played it straight herself, choosing instead to pull a curtain over questions of culpability by university officials in the serial molestation of young girls and women at the hands of Dr. Larry Nassar."

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ICA Art Conservation textile conservator Jane Hammond helps the group of mothers of Larry Nassar survivors at MSU  learn how to clean and preserve the hundreds of teal ribbons and netting that were previously attached to trees on campus to honor the survivors.

Cops should investigate campus rape (January 20)

An excerpt: "Michigan State University’s inability to head off a serial sexual abuser illustrates the danger of allowing colleges to handle sex assault cases internally, without involving outside law enforcement agencies."

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President Donald Trump’s growing legal peril has unnerved Republicans who believe the turmoil has left the president increasingly vulnerable as he gears up for what is sure to be a nasty fight for re-election.

Reconsider how we elect presidents (April 29)

An excerpt: "As it stands now, voting on the west coast is often suppressed because voters know the outcome before their polls close.

Upending that system would give back voters in disadvantaged time zones their power, and generally reignite voter turnout throughout the country. It would distribute the importance of campaigning to every single vote in America, not just those in a few key counties."

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Michigan State University trustees and officials faced renewed protests and criticism from victims of sex abuser Larry Nassar and their supporters during a meeting Friday, Dec. 14, 2018.

MSU must now rebuild reputation (May 17)

An excerpt: "Streamlining the university bureaucracy, improving communications, adopting efficiencies and presenting a far less arrogant air when faced with criticism will help assuage donors and policy makers.

The key piece is finding the very best university president to guide Michigan State University long term."

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FILE - In this June 8, 2018, file photo, President Donald Trump talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a G-7 Summit welcome ceremony in Charlevoix, Canada. Canadians are stunned by the repeated broadsides from what had long been their closest ally and some have even begun boycotts. It started with Trump's attacks on Canadian dairy farmers, then Washington slapped tariffs on Canadian steel, citing national security. Then it was a disastrous G-7 Summit in Quebec and now it's a new North American free trade agreement without the northern tier of the continent. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Automakers don’t need Trump’s help on trade (May 25)

An excerpt: "The U.S. auto industry doesn’t need President Donald Trump’s help on trade. And he certainly shouldn’t hurt them with unnecessary and ill-conceived tariffs."

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Ford plans development explosion in Corktown (June 17)

An excerpt: "Ford Motor Co. is not just coming back to Detroit, it's roaring back with a plan that should exponentially leapfrog the city's revival."

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Bills to allow more ‘dark money’ in Michigan elections should be vetoes, McElroy writes.

Shine light on ‘dark money’ (August 8)

An excerpt: "With the Michigan primary election fresh on people’s minds, it’s a good time to consider some of the disturbing trends that emerged the past few months. Transparency should be the goal in political spending. Especially when “dark money” crosses the line into unsanctioned activity, alarms should sound."

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Kim Simmons, 48, of Center Line, holds her 11-day-old daughter, Jai-Marie Woodson, Friday, July 27, 2018. Simmons is a juvenile lifer who was freed last year after 29 years in prison. She never got to raise her first daughter and views the birth of Jai-Marie as a second chance at motherhood.

Raise age for locking up kids with adults (September 28)

An excerpt: "In Michigan, a 17-year-old can't vote, buy alcohol or marry without his parent's permission. But these teens can be sent to an adult prison to live among dangerous felons for a variety of lower-level crimes.

The Raise the Age act should be passed."

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Gretchen Whitmer takes the stage after being elected the next governor of Michigan at the Michigan Democratic Party  election night event at the Sound Board Theater at Motor City Casino in Detroit, November 6, 2018.

Congratulations, Gretchen Whitmer (November 7)

An excerpt: "Democrat Gretchen Whitmer defied early concerns about her ability to win a gubernatorial election and scored a decisive victory Tuesday night. Congratulations to her, and let us offer our support as she embarks on the business of being governor of Michigan."

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