Editorial: Hey, Kid Rock, Detroit is done with you

The Detroit News

At times, Kid Rock's pushback against political correctness is refreshing. In a world of oh-so-woke entertainers, the Detroit rocker's inclination to stomp on the eggshells can provide some relief from celebrity self-righteousness. 

Heck, he even posed for a picture with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office, something few in his industry dared.

Kid Rock

But this time, Rock, whose real name is Bob Ritchie, has gone too far.

In a drunken, ugly rant at his Nashville club late last month, Rock spewed the most vile insults at television mega-star Oprah Winfrey and some lesser women celebrities, lacing his out-of-nowhere tirade with misogynistic and racist comments.

It was so bad he had to be led off his own stage by security.

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When he sobered up — if he ever did — Rock followed the bizarre episode not with an apology, but with more of the same. Denying he's a racist, Rock posted this on his Facebook page:

"I have a big mouth and drink too much sometimes, shocker! I also work hard and do a ton to help others out but that’s just back page news because the press hates I love Trump, f--- them too. I am what I am, I ain’t what I ain’t!"

Among the things that Rock ain't, as of Wednesday morning, is a restaurant owner in downtown Detroit. The Ilitch organization announced early Wednesday that the singer wouldn't be renewing his lease on the restaurant Made in Detroit inside Little Caesars Arena.

It was a smart business decision. No organization wants its name associated with an individual who dips into racism and sexism.

This is all too bad. Kid Rock, a Macomb County native, has been a good ambassador for Detroit and Michigan, embodying its hard rocking, blue collar personae. And he puts on a good show, if you're not faint of heart.

He has, as he noted, done a ton in the way of philanthropy in Detroit and elsewhere. 

But he's gone out of control. Bad boy charm has given way to oafish crudity. He's getting too old to get by with simply saying "I was drunk." Being stinking pie-faced is not an alibi, it's part of the offense.

Detroit is a city striving toward unity and inclusiveness. It doesn't need public representatives who are determined to pull people apart.

In his Facebook tantrum, Rock declared himself done with Detroit.

Well, here's some news, Kid Rock. If you're going to be a drunken, racist jerk, Detroit is done with you.