Editorial: Our choice for Congress from the 8th District

The Detroit News Editorial Board

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Moderation is so rare amongst today's political class, that we feel obliged to reward it when we find it, even if it's in small doses.

In Michigan's 8th Congressional District, first-timer incumbent Elissa Slotkin is as close to a moderate as it gets among Democratic Congress members.

U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin.

Although most of her votes are with the Democratic House leadership, she occasionally shows an independent streak, and will at least give a nod to bipartisanship.

We are impressed by her work on defense and national security issues, and for her support of the military in general. And she's been a leader on addressing PFAS groundwater contamination. 

Slotkin has been one of the rare voices on her side of the aisle to speak out against the grandstanding antics of the so-called Squad of freshmen Democrats that includes her Michigan colleague Rashida Tlaib. 

Her opponent is Republican Paul Junge, a thoughtful candidate who promises to bring classical conservative values to Congress. He's a former assistant district attorney, television anchor and immigration official, and is a solid challenger.

But Slotkin has done nothing to disqualify herself from a second term. She has been a strong retail politician who listens to the people of her district.

Paul Junge

Along with others elected with her freshman class, she takes a particular interest in health care. We would hope in their second term Slotkin and her peers would press for more action on the issue.  

Elissa Slotkin has earned a second term in the 8th District. And we hope she would use it to stick close to the promise she made in her first campaign to serve only her constituents and not the wishes of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

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