Editorial: Aug. 2 primary endorsement coupon

The Detroit News

The Detroit News is providing our primary picks for local and statewide races because many voters will be casting their ballots in unfamiliar districts when they go to the polls on Aug. 2, and for candidates they may know little about.

You will find below a condensed list of our endorsements in contested primary races which you can take with you to your polling location on Tuesday. 

The Detroit News is providing our primary picks for local and statewide races in the Aug. 2 primary.

You can read our full endorsements by clicking the links below:

Michigan governor

Republican primary: Tudor Dixon (R)

Congressional districts

District 2: John Moolenaar (R)

District 3Peter Meijer (R)

District 5Tim Walberg (R) 

District 6Whittney Williams (R) 

District 8Paul Junge (R)

District 9Lisa McClain (R)

District 10John James (R), Angela Rogensues (D)

District 11Haley Stevens (D), Mark Ambrose (R)

District 12Shanelle Jackson (D), Steven Elliott (R)

District 13Michael Griffie (D)

Contested Michigan Senate races

1st District: Erika Geiss (D)

2nd District: Sylvia Santana (D)

3rd District: Stephanie Chang (D)

4th District: Houston James (R)

5th District: Dayna Polehanki (D),  Leonard Scott Jr. (R)

6th District: Mary Cavanagh (D)

7th District: Jeremy Moss (D)

8th District: Marshall Bullock (D)

10th District: Joe Hunt (R)

11th District: Monique Owens (D)

12th District: Pamela Hornberger (R)

13th District: Jason Rhines (R)

22nd District: Lana Theis (R)

23rd District: Michael Wiese (D)

Contested Michigan House races

1st District: Tyrone Carter (D)

3rd District: Alabas Farhat (D)

4th District: Karen Whitsett (D)

5th District: Michelle Wooddell (D), Keith Albertie (R)

6th District: Regina Weiss (D)

7th District: Helena Scott (D)

8th District: Mike McFall (D)

9th District: Darnell Gardner (D)

11th District: Marvin Cotton Jr. (D)

12th District: Richard Steenland (D)

13th District: Lori Stone (D)

14th District: Kristina Lodovisi (D)

15th District: Erin Byrnes (D)

16th District: Ishmail Terry (D), Gabriel Rees (R)

18th District: Jason Hoskins (D)

20th District: Ken Ferguson (D), Diana Mohyi (R)

21st District: David Staudt (R)

26th District: Steven Chisholm (D)

27th District: Bob Howey (R)

28th District: Virgie Ammerman (R)

29th District: Jack Richert (R)

31st District: Reggie Miller (D), Dale Biniecki (R)

54th District: Stephanie Fakih (D), Donni Steele (R)

55th District: Patricia Bernard (D)

56th District: Sharon MacDonell (D)

57th District: Aisha Farooqi (D)

58th District: Michelle Smith (R)

59th District: Doug Wozniak (R)

62nd District: Joe Marino (R)

63rd District: Jay DeBoyer (R), Kelly Noland (D)

65th District: Jaime Greene (R)

66th District: Josh Schriver (R)

68th District: Cheri Hardmon (D), David Martin (R)

72nd District: Mike Mueller (R)