How is it right to go around the will of the people in the United States of America, just because you don’t like our choice for president? Sometimes he says things not the way I would, but at least he saying the things I feel. Many are starting to say “why should I go stand in line to vote, just to let a hand full of political types decide we need a Jeb Bush?”

If the people want Donald Trump, then it should be just that.

Gary Lowe, Detroit

I am not an uneducated white racist carrying a gun in the back of a pickup. I an 83-year-old veteran with an MBA. I have voted for Republicans most of my life and have contributed in a moderate fashion to the party.

Why am I now for Trump? The GOP has promised supporters for too long if we just give them money and votes they will stop the terrible direction this country has been headed on trade, the economy, immigration, political correctness, free goodies to anyone that can work the system, Obamacare, taxes, and regulations. Washington is for political insiders and pro-government growth.

I will take my chances on a person who has accomplished something.

Gerald Bray, Plainwell

There is a lot of anger out in the country about the political process and the direction of the country. The Republican Party is part of this problem.

Can you name a significant accomplishment of the party in Michigan in the last 20 years? Donald Trump is standing up and fighting the Democrats when no one else is.

Chuck Stehney, Royal Oak

Democracy must have order for it to be effective. What we have evolved into is a long drawn out process of caucuses and primaries all having different rules. Some open, some closed, some having advanced voting over a few weeks, some on primary day only. There are the endless town halls and debates stretched out over a year or longer. Right now, you have the GOP being hijacked by the greatest con-artist since P.T. Barnum — he is not a conservative or a Republican.

My own preference is for the parties to nominate their candidate in a convention of the party faithful. The people will have their right to choose in November. If we must have primaries and caucuses, let’s limit the whole process to 90 days, have one big national primary or, perhaps, two to four regional primaries. The current situation is not democracy.

Thomas Schwartz, Southfield

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