Readers react to school LGBT guidelines

Re: Ingrid Jacques’ March 27 column “Pick your gender at school?”: While I understand some concern regarding the boundaries of parental and social responsibility, all too often I have heard from such students at the college level tales of humiliation, verbal abuse, and sometimes even physical abuse when they have chosen to publicly identify their private sexuality. Unfortunately, sometimes that abuse comes from family members, and in those cases school may be a safe haven where counselors, understanding teachers, and peers provide them an emotional home. As our laws, both federal and state have begun to recognize the civil and legal rights of all individuals in this country regardless of their orientation, the public school system must be in step with those laws or else we cease to serve all of those we are mandated to teach and support.

Leslie Littell, Auburn Hills

As a teacher in an inner city public school system in Pennsylvania, I am dealing with such issues on a daily basis. You dealt very well with the subject at hand. You gave parents a voice on a topic that is crucial to the heart and soul of every parent who has angst with the everyday policies of many school districts. This topic is being controlled by the far left for the purpose of transforming our society into that which they desire. Parents are already taking their children out of schools at an ever increasing rate, and with good reason. The lunacy must stop.

Curtis Costello, Pennsylvania

Perhaps parents will find a way to put the state Board of Education members up for a recall vote. The Board’s actions are just another example of what has happened in the Democratic Party in recent decades: Absolute power to any and every part of government — provided it is controlled by leftists.

Duane Lamers, Troy

All of these people begin as children. So either you force them to pretend to be a gender they are not for the sake of complying with your belief that gender is defined by body parts, or someone gets to choose. If the child chooses, then the answer is most likely to fit with the psyche of the individual who is being asked to live a life as this gender. If the parents can choose, they can choose whatever suits them. If you aren’t going to have a blanket rule where everyone must gender conform (in which case, there wouldn’t need be any choosing), parents could choose to make their gender conforming child be addressed as another gender. Or are you going to be the ultimate judge for everybody, since you seem to know better than everyone else? Thanks for the super-bigoted column.

Catherine Omeara, Grosse Pointe Farms