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Letter: Hillary Clinton is still fighting for Flint

Re: Nolan Finley’s April 21 Editor’s Note “Clinton is gone, and Flint forgotten”: As the mayor in question, I can assure you that Finley is the one not paying attention.

Hillary Clinton’s immediate response to the crisis wasn’t campaigning — instead, she called me to ask a simple question, “What can I do to help?”

And she followed through. She set up meetings with locals and took the time to explore workable solutions. Her senior campaign advisers have remained in constant communication with my office and have helped me establish Flint WaterWorks. This program offers jobs to Flint’s young adults, who will distribute clean water, healthy food, nutrition information, and other services to families in their community. Clinton’s help was essential in establishing the necessary partnerships and funding to make the Flint WaterWorks a reality.

And she has promised to make sure that this never happens again in another community in America. Just last week, Clinton released a detailed plan to fight for environmental justice, built off of her thorough understanding of Flint’s challenges and long record on these issues. Her plan would eliminate lead as a major public health threat and modernize drinking systems nationwide.

She recommends vigorously prosecuting the companies and individuals whose neglect results in crises like Flint’s and strengthening existing laws so that criminals can be brought to justice.

Finley levels the absurd charge that Clinton’s supposedly diminished attention has put the federal funding Flint needs to the back burner. But she has roundly condemned the real culprit: a dysfunctional Congress which has held up desperately needed relief.

So while the national focus on this issue may be waning, Clinton is still fighting for the families of Flint.

Mayor Karen Weaver, Flint