Letter: There is more to Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock story

Louis Aguilar’s April 29 report, “Putting a price tag on properties linked to Gilbert,” provides a valuable list of some of Dan Gilbert’s the key properties; but there is much more to the story from the perspective of a four-decade Detroit advocate and a Bedrock tenant.

Our firms’ headquarters have been in the First National Building for 10 years. We have been thrilled at the transformation from a literal garbage pit into a shining example of a highest tech building combining the best of the original Albert Kahn design with a new life and energy that is the envy of any office center in the nation.

The first thing Bedrock did in the First National building was literally take out the accumulated garbage. The previous owners from New York bled, abused and milked the building. The best example is that they did not want to pay for garbage removal, so all the garbage and trash went on the empty 11th floor. Rats, cockroaches and vermin were a constant problem in the then 65 percent empty building.

The First National Building today is managed with great pride, love for the architecture and immediate response to tenant needs, resulting in it being 100 percent leased.

We continue to be amazed at the transformation in the last six years since Dan Gilbert and crew doubled down on Detroit by moving Quicken Loans and related companies downtown. We are determined optimists, but did not expect to see this level of energy and investment in our lifetime.

Leland Bassett, chairman & CEO

Bassett Business Group