Letters: Readers respond to Orlando attack

We have no-fly lists and watch lists for air travel so why don’t we have the same for gun purchases? If law enforcement has felt strongly enough to investigate someone regarding possible terrorist links, then they should be on a list so if they attempt to buy firearms there is a waiting period and/or law enforcement is notified. As to banning assault weapons perhaps a ban may have little or no effect on future attacks, but what is the harm in banning them? It does not seem reasonable to believe that the Founders intended to allow such an unregulated proliferation of weapons with ever increasing power to maim and kill hundreds of people. This country prides itself on principle and commonsense – neither seems to be applicable to what happened in Orlando.

Dean Bruza, Royal Oak

Orlando is what happens when America elects a president who cannot say the words “Islamic terrorism.”

J.A. McErlean, Farmington Hills

It is very distressing to read that the hateful perpetrator of such cowardly attacks apparently pledged allegiance to ISIS before beginning the massacre, a massacre which was committed in Ramadan, a month designated for fasting, prayers, self-reformation and most pertinently, peaceful relations with one’s neighbors.

As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I condemn in the strongest terms the taking of so many innocent lives in that nightclub, and reaffirm that both the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad categorically prohibited the senseless murder of innocent civilians, no matter their diverse background or lifestyle. I pray that during this Ramadan, all religious communities around our nation make extra effort to unite against bigotry and intolerance.

Imran Tahir, Troy

Orlando may turn out to be about “hate and radicalization,” but it is too early to say. The Orlando murderer did not wake up one morning and start beating his wife. He was a violent perhaps sociopathic person who did not seek mental health counseling nor did his family seek it for him as he grew into adulthood. Some reported seeing him previously at Pulse and on gay dating apps. Violence and allying himself with ISIS could be his way of hiding his own homosexuality. This may be about identifying and treating the mentally ill and keeping guns out of the hands of people so diagnosed.

Mary Wilson, Farmington Hills