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Letters: Trump gives power to the people

Re: Nolan Finley’s June 26 column “America’s political civil war”: Never before have I been so disappointed in my fellow Republicans for looking at their fellow conservatives, new or old, with such contempt. Conservatives are supposed to have faith in their fellow Americans, looking suspiciously upon the concentration of power and unchecked growth of bureaucracy. Instead, you place greater value in Trump’s words than Obama’s and Hillary’s very real and very damaging actions. Pathetic.

Democrats and establishment conservative journalists are simply not used to a Republican candidate who can fight as dirty as a Democrat. Well grab some Kleenex: politics are not for the faint of heart.

The commoners are about to take control of their country. These established conservative journalists are simply upset that they didn’t first ask permission.

M.D. Pachla, Novi

Re: Our June 27 Editorial “Dump Trump”: So, the elitist Editorial Board at The Detroit News has the audacity to tell the Republican Party to “change the rules” now that the primaries are over, and nominate someone other than the person the voters chose?

Wasn’t The News paying attention when the British press tried to influence the Brexit vote in favor of the status quo?

Are the elitists on the Editorial Board so drunk on power that they don’t see that the very reason we nominated Donald Trump is because of establishment elites like them not listening to us, the voters? I would submit that the irony is rather obvious.

As a Republican Party Precinct Delegate, I will never allow myself to be influenced by the elitist mainstream media, especially the ultimate example of the establishment, a mainstream-media editorial board.

Brian Pannebecker, GOP Precinct Delegate

Shelby Township, 12th Precinct