Letter: New laws not needed for Detroit to rise

Once again Detroit is on the move to become a great city as it once was. We do not need new laws that help guide our leaders as to what is best for Detroit. That’s why we oppose a recent proposal from Rise Together Detroit.

The business community, especially small businesses that have a hard time now to deal with the abundance of laws and policies which affect them would not help the city. It would discourage investors and the business community from continuing the wonderful growth that we have seen in the last two years. Therefore, since Detroit has the highest unemployment rate in the country, we do not need another barrier to business opportunities and growth for the city.

Legislation any group or any individual would like to see suggested for our city should go through normal channels and not create new laws and policies to thwart our great resurgence. As an example, since we founded the Eastern Market Corp., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, with the cooperation of the city, Eastern Market has made phenomenal growth in the area. We got the ball rolling in 1973 when many vendors, business people, and workers were worried that the market would close.

However, working with the city and our newly formed Eastern Market Corp. we were able to show how we can grow and please the thousands of customers who come to the market either daily or on weekends.

The proposed legislation called for by Rise Together Detroit will not help attract the new businesses we need in Detroit. We do not need new laws. We need new inspiration to help Detroit continue its wonderful growth.

Edward Deeb, co-founder

Eastern Market Corp.