Letter: Voters don’t know who to believe

If this year’s collection of seriously flawed candidates are indicative of what the democratic process has become, then we certainly need to investigate and implement an entirely new procedure that would serve to eliminate similar candidates from rising to the top in future campaigns.

One example would be that if any candidate that is caught lying about his history, accomplishments, program proposals, he would be eliminated by an independent body such as the Federal Election Commission.

President Barack Obama’s statements about Obamacare’s costs, doctors, prescriptions, for instance, have turned out to be almost all misrepresentations or deliberate understatements.

Far too many lies have been told by current candidates in order to confuse and bewilder even intelligent voters before November. I have heard far too many people express their opinion that they simply don’t know what to believe from either top candidate.

Legally requiring all candidates to tell the truth at all times while campaigning would probably result in almost no candidates left at election time. That would be proof of how totally unqualified many who seek public office are.

Eric Heckmann, St. Clair