Michigan House panel considers ban on mobile phone use while driving

Letters: Obamacare needs some tweaking

Re: Our Aug. 19 editorial “Obamacare begs for Congressional review”: While review of this unraveling legislation is needed, it is also unlikely.

Republicans want to shut it down and replace it. Democrats want it to fail so government can assume direct control of all medical care. Repeal in the guise of reform will probably be the best outcome.

But several more years of unraveling will probably be necessary first.

Richard Ralston, executive director

Americans for Free Choice in Medicine

It seems your editorial left out a very important piece of information. And that is: Aetna sent a letter to “encourage” the Department of Justice to drop their suit of the Aetna purchase of Humana.

I believe Obamacare needs some tweaking. But this is not a total government problem. The obscene price increases from the pharmaceuticals is really driving the premium costs up.

Tom Kerr, Royal Oak