Letter: What type of president will Hillary Clinton be?

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Will Hillary Clinton really be a president who opposes the oppression of women and not accept political funding from countries that persecute and oppress them?

Will she really be a president that is honest and not do backroom deals to gain millions of dollars personally by providing funds to countries that openly oppose freedom for their citizens?

Will the former first lady be a president who is honest with her citizens, and not continue treating them as ignorant and lie about her emails?

Will Clinton be a president that supports our military and not ignore their pleas for support, letting them be massacred?

Will she be a woman that really supports strong women by not supporting an unfaithful husband?

Will Clinton be a president that sends our country into greater debt and weaken it by increasing our debt to other countries?

Will she be a president that loves America and wants to support it and defend it internationally, or will she sell it out and continue to degrade those that protect us?

Will Clinton be a president that supports the constitution of the United States or will she destroy it to meet her personal views?

Will Clinton be open to the ideas of others, or will she be a strict-party president no matter the will of the people?

Will she support business in America or will she tax them to the point they move outside the U.S. and find international employees instead?

Will Clinton be a president who treats people with respect and not use name-calling and degradation for those who disagree with her?

Will she be a president that destroys the rights of states; will big federal government control be her goal?

Hillary Clinton should tell voters before they vote in November what type of president she will be:

The Clinton of the past, or a president Americans can respect?

Kathryn Gross, Dearborn Heights

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