'Officer down': The aftermath of Detroit officer's fatal shooting

Letter: Colin Kaepernick abused his freedom

Colin Kaepernick has the right to sit during the National Anthem.

He has the right to speak up about racism and injustice. He has the right to pursue his dreams while making millions of dollars playing a game in a free market system. Colin Kaepernick has freedoms many other nations deny to their citizens, where racism is the least of their concerns.

It is because of these rights afforded Kaepernick that his actions so disturb me. He has allowed his anger to fog his understanding of the things that make this nation so great. His actions (and the right to take them) only serve as an affirmation to how wrong he is about what has been, and remains, the greatest nation on earth!

I thank God for an America that allows dissent, differing opinions and the freedom to put them on display. If Kaepernick understood these things, he would stand with pride, while continuing to fight for justice — before and after the music stops!

Murray Sales, Grosse Pointe