Letter: Black voters aren’t a Democratic block

President Barack Obama stated that he would consider it a “personal insult” if the black community didn’t get out to vote in support of Hillary Clinton.

It seems to me the comment itself should be taken as an insult by all African-Americans because of the continued treatment of politicians to lump the “black vote” together as if it were one indistinguishable mass that moves in unison and is directed by Democratic puppeteers.

The black community is varied and has many different world views. Like all Americans, the black community has concerns about jobs, safety of our streets, economic freedoms, and justice.

Black voters should be offended by the president’s comments, which seem to paint the black community as a mindless voting block that he controls, even after he has failed to improve their circumstances after eight years in office.

Stop insulting the black community and start leading all “communities” toward a better America. We are better than this!

Murray Sales, Grosse Pointe