The DMC owes a formal apology

Re: Bankole Thompson’s Sept. 19 column “DMC saga and hospital accountability”: A Detroit News investigation uncovered internal complaints about unclean instruments, that were hidden for 11 years. The investigation revealed that these dirty tools caused many people to pay extra for anesthesia and canceled numerous operations.

A two-day inspection was later conducted, and it found eight health code violations. The Detroit Medical Center was given 60 days to fix the problems and were allowed to continue operating during that time.

This is outrageous; many people have received poor care from a “top-notch” hospital. It should not be allowed to continue operating.

The DMC owes a formal apology, not only to the people they harmed, but to the community, as well, for persuading us to believe that they were the best medical institution in southeast Michigan.

Natalie Walsh, Wyandotte