Letters: Readers react to first presidential debate


Winning or losing the debate won’t matter all that much. The candidates can’t show their whole character in only 90 minutes.

Hillary Clinton is in the race for herself. Her campaign is nothing more than about wanting to be the first woman president. Donald Trump, with all of his faults and inexperience as a politician, is wanting to be president of and for the people.

Trump wants to fix problems facing all Americans. His proposals will make huge gains for our economy while Clinton will only make our economy worse through higher taxes and greater regulations.

Trump should have demanded her definition of “wealthy.” Clinton would raise taxes on half of all workers. If she took all of the earnings of the top “1-percenters” she often refers to, it would not make a dent in what she plans to spend nor our national debt. Clinton’s pledge to tax the wealthy would only break those people who contribute the most, like job creators and entrepreneurs.

Hillary has also moved from the Bernie Sanders “free college education” to now talk of “debt-free college education.” She also suggested “lower interest rates on college education loans.” It is a subtle change that most would not pick up.

Hillary Clinton is a smooth-talking career politician in this race for herself while Donald Trump is in it for the people.

Donald Vonk, Harrison Township

With the help of a committed Congress and the support of American citizens, Hillary Clinton will make America kind again.

Hannah Donigan, Commerce Township

What was with Donald Trump’s sniffing?

Dennis Green, Farmington Hills