Letters: Readers respond to our endorsement

While neither major party candidate is ideal, it’s a certainty that one of them will be our next president. By advocating that your readers vote Libertarian as a matter of conscience is abdicating your duty to inform the public.

Gary Novara, Bloomfield Township

I applaud your courageous selection of Gary Johnson for president over Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Unfortunately, voting for a third party candidate is not the best selection if the newspaper is really opposed to Trump. While I agree that both candidates are unacceptable, one is far worse than the other. In these dangerous times, Clinton will be more of a hawk than Trump or Anderson and that is what’s needed to balance the world against aggression, terrorism, and injustice.

Richard Amberg, Farmington Hills

I hope your choice for president doesn’t have an “Aleppo moment” in a crisis.

Larry Biringer, Columbus Township

Gary Johnson doesn’t have a chance of winning. The old Republican Party is dead. A true conservative will never win again. Donald Trump represents the new Republican Party.

Nancy Soisson, Rochester Hills

My wife and I hope that The Detroit News can use its considerable influence to get Gary Johnson included in the presidential debates. America needs to know there is a reasonable alternative. Hopefully there are other newspapers that will join in endorsing Gov. Johnson.

Ken Meek, Grosse Pointe Woods

When recently asked to name a foreign leader he respects, Gary Johnson was speechless. His total lack of experience in foreign affairs is embarrassing. While I admit the Democratic candidate has her flaws, Hillary Clinton is definitely more prepared to be president than Donald Trump or Johnson.

Alan Lazette, Portland

At last, some sanity from the news media.

Nancy O’Brien, Imlay City